Take a look at different options we offer, and join the online experience.

$ 5,000.00 USD
  • One Live Conference

  • One Day - Partial Access

$ 14,500.00 USD
  • Live Conference

  • All Access

  • Premium Material

$ 9,900.00 USD
$ 6,500.00 USD
Save 40%
  • Two Live Conferences

  • Two Day - All Access

  • Q&A Session

$ 6,500.00 USD
$ 4,500.00 USD
One day
  • One live conference

  • One Day - All Access

How is this better?

Take a look at how we run Digital happenings and why you should Hire us!

Event marketing

We are experienced marketers ready to expand the reach of your event to bigger audiences.


We avail the event to remote attendees via 8 platforms and expand your revenue unconstrained by seats in the Collosseum

Ticketing and access

We automated ticket purchases and manage access to the venue with automated turnstiles.

Immersive experiences

We stream 360 video, creating a literal window into the event and palpable experiences for remote attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get refunds?

To get a refund you will need to contact us by email. Once you do that we will make sure to contact you and discuss the possibilities regarding the refund and solve it as soon as possible.

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Where do I register?

You can check our tickets page and buy a ticket for whole event, one day ticke, or our premium pack ticket. After that you will recieve a link to your email with access to the happening.

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How can I apply?

You can register by email to get notified. You can apply to be a part of our happening by purchasing a ticket. You can do that directly through our website and have a guaranteed seat at the place of holding.

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